Simply Smart Service | Přímé zastoupení společností na českém trhu..

What are we doing...

We are the company focused on services in the food area. We are affording to our customers services based on management´s well experiences resulting from long managing of food companies.

Our motto is: „With smartfood, you go from strategy to customer fast“.


New brand
DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, new milk company established thanks to fusion of two big companies NORDMILCH and Humana.
New brand
Since August We exclusively represent on Czech and Slovak markets company Gottfried FRIEDRICHS - Prime Hanseatic Producers of Fine Fish.
New brands
Since October we exclusively represent companies Leimer and Feinkost Dittmann. More information about in section Portfolio.

Who we are...

Our main mission is to afford to all customers our services in food business, which will make more visible their products, increase their sales and profit. We´re still searching for new possibilities in the services area and their quickly adaptation to the market. We´re ready to prepare services for the client´s "body" and work for them with maximum assignment.

Representation of food-processing companies on the Czech market

Our strategy is to represent companies on the Czech market directly and to take over their business activities. We concentrate on food-processing companies only.


For companies who have decided to penetrate the Czech market or to hand over their activities, we offer:

  • execution of complete analyses of the market of food and food additives, definition of the opportunities and priorities when entering the market
  • execution of business plans, including marketing support
  • takeover of the overall activity of a company (administration, logistics, sales, support)
  • thanks to sister´s company in Austria, we can offer the same services on Austria and German markets, eventually coordinate them together

We work on a basis ensuring that the client controls all activities and costs in full.

Mediation of trade in food processing

Professional activity focused on the sale of food-processing companies:

  • opportunity to use the activity related to Key Account Management
  • merchandising
  • in-store sale support